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Whether you want to earn your degree on-campus or online, we can help you find a Christian University that matches your goals and interests.

Top 3 Christian Universities in 2013

Liberty University

Baptist University: Offers accredited degrees in Christian Counseling, Theology, Education, & more.

Grand Canyon University

Inter-Denominational University: Offers associate, bachelor, and master's degrees through online study.

Saint Leo University

Catholic University: Offers online associate's, bachelor's, and master's degrees 100% online.

Online Degrees

Christian Degree Programs

Want to earn a Christian degree from an accredited university? Or maybe you want to attend a Christian University, but study Business Administration or Criminal Justice? Either way, it pays to compare colleges and find the one that best matches your goals and interests.

Degree Requirements

Online Degree Requirements

Not sure if you want to earn your degree online? Find out what online learning is all about -- discover the truth about Virtual Classrooms, explore online degree programs, and find out if online learning is right for you.


Salary and Careers

Compare top careers and salaries in your desired field of study. Still not sure what you want to study? Explore the possibilities and find the degree program that will help prepare you for the career of your dreams.

Baptist Colleges and Universities

We can connect you with our network of Christian Universities offering accredited online degrees that can help you pursue your dreams.

Baptist Universities

If your faith is important to you, one way to narrow down your search for the right online college program is to search for accredited Baptist Universities.

So, how do you find out which of accredited Christian university is right for you?

First, you need to decide what type of degree you are interested in pursuing. Are you trying to earn a bachelor's degree? A graduate degree? Do you know your desired major field of study?

Accredited Christian Universities can help you make an informed decision.

Many Christian college students say one of the greatest benefits of attending an accredited Christian university is that you aren't just a number -- having your faith in common with your teachers and classmates makes it easier to feel like you belong, like you are part of a group, even if you are living hundreds of miles apart.

Baptist Universities students have more choices than ever to earn a higher degree.

No matter if it's an associate's degree, bachelor's, or any other degree, students can enroll in classes online, attend on-campus courses, and even complete their degree with “hybrid” courses, which are a combination of both on-campus and online.

Not only that, there are private institutions, state colleges, Ivy League schools, accredited and non-accredited.

Some students prefer attending large schools, while some require a more intimate setting with smaller class sizes, and a school population that is much smaller.

Regardless of class size or manner of completing your education, there is a Baptist University out there for you. Now, for those who may not follow that particular belief or faith, don't let the idea of a Baptist University sway you.

Enrolling at a Baptist University does not mean that you will be forced to change your faith, or take on beliefs of the school faculty and staff.

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